Volvo reintroduces turbocompound


After an absence of five years, Volvo reintroduces two of engines with turbocompound. The system will become available on two 13 liter engines, delivering 460 or 500 hp.

These engines featurees pistons with a patented wave-shaped interior that should improve combustion and increases efficiency by guiding heat and energy to the centre of the cylinders. Excess energy in the exhaust gases is then used to power the engine through an additional turbine in the exhaust flow, called the Turbo Compound unit. Volvo sold engines with such a system some years ago already, but stopped delivering them in 2013.

According to Volvo, the D13TC engine produces up to 300 Nm extra torque, which means less acceleration and fuel is needed to keep a steady speed in highway traffic. Other features of I-Save include new rear axles, an updated map-based I-See system that analyses and adapts to gradients ahead and includes gear-shifting software optimised for long-haul applications. The combined efficiency gains of all these products and services can result in fuel-cost savings by up to 7% compared to a D13 Euro 6 Step D engine, the company says. The new features will be sold under the name I-Save.