Volvo N88 Titan


The Volvo Titan was produced between 1951 and 1973. It was in those days the top product of Volvo Trucks. The series started with the L395 Titan. It had a payload up to 10 tonnes. 

In 1953 the VDF 150 Hp diesel engine was replaced by the new developed D96 dieselengine. It had the same output but one year later a turbo version came on the market with 185 Hp. Another novilty was the introduction of air brakes in 1956. 

The N88 on these photo's is equiped with a later version, the D100 engine. That one came standard with 200 Hp but this Turbo version produced 260 Hp, a for those days impressive output! These models with the big enging were introduced in 1956 and produced until 1973.