UD Trucks launches New Quester


Japanese truck manufacturer UD Trucks recently unveiled New Quester, a truck for the medium and heavy segments ranging from 21 to 80 ton. New Quester will, according to UD, enable logistics companies to tackle critical industry challenges and boost their bottom line through Smart Logistics. Thailand, which also serves as UD Trucks' export hub to growth markets in Southeast Asia, will be the first country to launch New Quester. 

New Quester introduces key features such as Escot automated manual transmission, engines with higher horsepower and telematics to deliver greater fuel efficiency, productivity, driver efficiency, safety, and uptime. Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines are the norm, and this si typical, as Japan features it's own set of emission requirements. The truck can be had with engines varying in power from 250 to 440 hp and chassis varying from two to four axles.

The autmated gear changer is optional, there are also manual boxes to be had. UD Trucks is a member of the Volvo Group. UD trucks are being sold in 60 countries globally, mostly in the Pacific region.