Scania S580T 8x4 Recovery truck


At Vlastuin Truckopbouw in The Netherlands the 12th 'Nextgen' Scania T truck has been built. This time the truck has an 8x4 configuration and the S- cab with normal roof. The truck is being ordered by Van Auto Service AS in Norway. The wrecker body is being built in Italy. After the body is being built the recovery truck is driven to Norway where it is going to do its special job. 

The Vlastuin company started converting the previous generations of Scania trucks to conventional types after Scania ended the production of the bonneted trucks. More than 50 Scania trucks of the four and 'R' series were rebuild by the company in Renswoude, The Netherlands. When Scania presented the new generation of trucks in 2016 Vlastuin started with the design of the new bonnet to make a 'Nextgen' conventional trucks. So far the red 8x4 is the 12th of this generation, but there are more to be delivered this year.

In the video you see the presentation of the first bonneted 'Nextgen' Scania.