Qomolo: Chinese answer to Tesla


Chinese company Q-Truck has unveiled an autonomous, electric truck with no cab. The Chinese designers did however follow the traditional lines of current truckgenerations.

Xijing Technology is the company behind Q-Truck. At first, like in Los Angeles, this Q-Truck will be operated in the port area, where autonomous vehicles are more or less common. As said, the truck has no cabin, but the designers located  batteries at where the cab used to be.

Two versions

The designers say their Q-Truck can haul up to 80 tonnes. However the range is still modest. Q-Truck designed two versions of their new design, a slower truck and a faster one.   The slower truck has a range varying between 65 and 150 kilometres, dependent on the load and the faster truck could cover 150 to 300 kilometers. Q-Truck says it calculates with high loads and with percentage increases of around 15%.

Compared to diesel trucks, the Qomolo trucks should be two thirds more cheap. Engineers say reloading the batteries takes no more than two hours. The production start of the Qomolo trucks is planned for June 2019.