Pepsico orders 100 Tesla Trucks


Giant food company Pepsico ordered 100 Tesla Trucks. In total, Tesla has some 300 reservations now for what they call their 'groundbreaking new concept'. 

Last week, Tesla sold 40 trucks to AB Inbev, the worlds' largest beer brewing company and another fifty trucks to Sysco, which is also in foods. Pepsico operates over 10.000 trucks and it is now looking where the new Tesla truck can perform as efficiently as possible. 

Sources calculate that the order of Pepsico brings in some 15 to 20 million dollars for Tesla. Most companies mentioned ordering Tesla trucks are so called captive fleets, which means that they don't hire a haulage cpmpany, but that they organise their transport themselves. 

In total, Tesla should roughly have some 300 orders for their truck now.