Nikola will also bring powerful Battery-electric trucks


American start-up Nikola, which is preparing a series of hydrogen powered trucks, both for American and European markets, announced via Twitter that it will also come with Battery Electric versions of it's Two and Tre trucks, the latter being destined for Europe.

The new battery electric driven trucks will be available with very strong 500kWh, 750kWh, and even 1MWh batterypack variants that would be used on shorter routes, according to the company. Very powerful batteries, much more powerful than the e-Actros of Daimler, which has 240 kWh. Nikola clearly states that hydrogen tucks are meant for longe distances and that they are lighter, up to 2,7 tonnes, than battery electric vehicles. Another main difference is that battery electric vehicles take much  more time to charge than hydrogen powered vehicles. It is expected that these differences will become less over time. The BEV trucks Nikola eyes, would have a range of about 300 miles.

Nikola is not afraid that the supply of BEV-trucks would eat away orders for their hydrogen trucks. The Nikola Tre trucks meant for Europe should be due around 2022, Nikola predicts. The truck is announced having Level 5 autonomous technology on board.