Nikola attracts investors worth half a billion dollars


Nikola has attracted some new investors which pay nearly half a billion dollars to get hydrogen trucks on the road soon, also in Europe.

Earlier this week, we saw CNH Industrial, the mother-company of Iveco, buy a share in Nikola Motor worth 250 million dollars and a 25% stake of the start-up company. Just two days later, it appears that Nikola has attracted more investors. They are Bosch and Hanwa, eacht paying a hundred million dollars.

Bosch has been an instrumental partner for Nikola in the development of its state-of-the-art heavy-duty vehicle fuel cell system and battery technology. Bosch’s investment confirms its commitment to the development of hydrogen technology and hydrogen infrastructure.

Hanwha is a world leader in renewable energy and solar panel manufacturing and is partnering with Nikola to assist in obtaining clean energy for its hydrogen fueling network. Hanwha is Nikola’s exclusive solar panel provider (QCELL), generating the clean electricity that is critical to the production of renewable hydrogen.

Nikola is now about half way of t's programme, to generate a billion dollars needed to prcoeed to production strages of it's hydroagen trucks.

CNH Industrial plans to sell Nikola hydrogen trucks in Europe as from the fourth quarter of 2022 onwards.