New Faymonville WingMAX for XXL rotor blades


Rotor blades are an elementary component of a wind turbine. The trend is towards increasingly large blades with a length of well over 70 m. Such XXL elements can be moved safely and economically to the operation site with the new WingMAX from Faymonville, which is part of the TeleMAX flatbed semi-trailer series. Its special feature is the unique combination of several strengths! 

The new rotor blade generation is part of the continuous development in wind turbines. They must be increasingly powerful and use the available installation spaces more and more efficiently. "For wind turbine blades in XXL format with a length of up to more than 70 m, Faymonville has now developed a vehicle that is not only long, but also strong and very easy to manoeuvre," says product manager Rainer Noe, describing the basic principle of the flatbed semi-trailer that is available as a 3 or 4-axle model.

The unique selling point of the new vehicle is the interaction of several technical advantages: enormous gooseneck stroke, longest available loading platform with 4-fold extension, gooseneck length compatible with 5-axle trucks and strong 19.5-inch pendle axles. "Thanks to this profitable combination, this semi-trailer overcomes all challenges," says product manager Noe, explaining the reason why this innovation is a genuine gain for the wind power industry.

Proven pendle axle technology provides for a steering angle of up to 60° and a maximum stroke of 600 mm. "In combination with the hydraulically lifting and lowering gooseneck, the new WingMAX can virtually overcome any obstacles that cross its path, such as roundabouts. As a result, the route is manageable even in the case of demanding terrain conditions and road profiles," says Rainer Noe, amplifying some crucial features when it comes to moving extremely long loads.

The hydraulically operated gooseneck raises itself by up to 1,700 mm, which enables considerable ground clearance. And the flatbed semi-trailer, which is designed for use with 4 and 5-axle trucks, has more clever solutions to offer. Sliding load supports for the blade tip frame enable the semi-trailer to be shortened even under load. They are a true aid to deal with any winding road sections more easily. Hydraulic support legs simplify the extension or retraction of the telescopic loading platform. The double-sided locking of the telescopic stages ensures increased driving stability, while the 2,000 mm track width of the axle bogie provides maximum lateral stability. The reinforced locking positions ensure the optimum transmission of pulling and braking forces.

The radio remote control for all hydraulic functions is an additional advantage for the user. The strong design of the semi-trailer using high-tensile steel also protects the fragile freight against the effects of external forces. "As part of the TeleMAX series, the WingMAX is extremely stable and safe to handle thanks to all these features, even when loaded with the longest wind turbine blades," concludes product manager Rainer Noe, describing the thoroughly thought-out character of the innovation.