Navistar must pay customer 31 million dollar


Following the fraud with engine approvals seven years ago, a Navistar customer won a case about damages done to their fleet, after the customer, Milan of Tennessee, had bought 243 International ProStar tractor units.

The trucks in question were equipped with MaxxForce engines which were supposed to meet EPA 10 regulations without the need of using SCR. None of the competitors dared to do this and after some investigation, Navistar proved wrong in  trying to meet EPA 10 regulations without SCR.

Milan claims Navistar knew about the defects of their engine but it marketed the engines anyway, Milan argued. A jury in Tennssee decided Navistar violated consumer protection laws by selling trucks with the MaxxForce engine anyway.

Navistar says it disagrees, says it's looking for it's options and says that engines were properly tested according to industry standards.  However, former mnagers of the company have testified otherwise.

Navistar had to start selling trucks with SCR engines as from 2012 to survive. The company mainly chose Cummins engines by that time.