McLanachan Transport: Scania S650 Highline


McLanachan Transport from Glasgow, Scotland is running a fleet of trucks with refridgirated trailers through the UK and Europe. The company has been around over more than 25 years now. One of the latest trucks in the fleet is a Scania S650 Highline 6x2 tractor. We caught this truck while it waited for a load of fresh fruit in The Netherlands.

McLanachan Transport has a fleet of temperature contolled vehicles with monitoring and positioning systems on board. The company has all the software that gives costumers the change for real time monitoring their cargo. The latest temperature controlled vehicles are all fitted with Blue Tree Systems, tracking and temperature monitoring as standard and have split section compartments for multiple goods at varied temperatures. 

The company is specialized in transporting pharmaceutical and clinical products, chilled, frozen and ambient goods. Also the company is transporting hazardous consignments, throughout all classes, with only exceptions being classes 1-7. 

The new Scania S650 Highline is running very good according to the driver. The new V8 is very good on fuel compared to the 730 Hp version he drove before this one. The truck is now running 10,5 miles per gallon. That is 26,9 litres on 100 km and that is a huge improvement in comparison with the 730 Hp EGR engine.