Globetrotter XXL: Thanks to Australia


The new Volvo FH Globetrotter XXL cab was originally intended for the Australian market. Australian truckies love the Volvo driveline but the cab is just too small, compared to the American trucks that they are familiar with.

For Volvo that was the reason to come with a longer cab. Just like the previous FH model that got an XXL version in 2007 now the new FH also got an extended cab. The new FH cab is made 25 cm longer by extending the rear wall of the cab behind the side air deflectors. That means you can hardly see the difference, but in the cab it results in extra storage space and a nice wide bunk.

The new XXL cab is built in Sweden, just like the other cabs but the trucks for Australia are assembled in Brisbane. For all the other FH markets alle over the world the XXL version is just another option for those who can use the extra length and extra space.