Germans embrace 14,90 metre trailer


During the MAN Trucknology Days in Münich, some well known German trailer manufacturers showed new trailers measuring up to 14,90 metres, 1,30 metres more than usual in continental Europe. Some ten years ago, Kögel was the first to show this concept.

After the initiative from Kögel, some practice tests followed in some parts of Germany and in Chzechia. However, not much was heard since then. Only when provinces of Germany started to allow LHVcombinations of up to 25,25 metres, a common combination in Sweden and The Netherlands, some provinces also allowed the 14,90 metre trailer.

Last month, it was clear to see in Munich that for the first time, Schmitz and Fliegl joined Kögel.  To ensure a proper balance of this trailer, Schmitz widened the wheelbase to 8,15 metres. This will improve stability. Kässbohrer is planning a similar trailer. Also, Wielton from Poland and Schwarzmüller from Austria plan to produce 14,90 metre trailers. 


With such a trailer, a regular trailer combination would measure 17,80 metres. Also, the load capacity increases by ten percent, which accounts for four extra pallets.