Freightliner Argosy at work in Europe


In the northern hemisphere of our planet, a Freightliner Argosy is a relatively rare truck. In Europe it is almost impossible to spot one. Still, we got the opportunity to picture an Argosy on an official Dutch licenseplate.

Usually Freightliner sells this truck in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand only. However Dutch wood trader J.J. Lamme of Nederhorst Den Berg, in the centre of the country, decided he wanted an Argosy for his daily wood transports. This move required some changes on the Argosy: trucks in Europe need a digital ELD and they need a 24 Volt electrical system to make all the technology comply with European technical requirements. The 6x4 rigid has airsprung suspension on both of it's rear axles.

The Cummins engine is cleary audible and the Argosy, with it's Finnish bodywork for transporting wood, is active on Dutch roads everyday with heavy transports. Lamme is not unknown with American trucks. Before the Argosy, he once owned a Mack Superliner as well.