Finland allows longer and heavier combinations


Finland now allows the longest and heaviest combinations in Europe. The maximum length is now 34,5 meters, coming from 32,5 metres and the maximum permitted weight of this combination is 76.000 kg. The combination pictured is used for transporting chipped wood to a powerplant.

The Scania 6x4 tractor unit is pulling a 14,4 metre long triple axled semi trailer. The trailer is equipped with a VSE steering system and 385/55/​​22.5 size single mount tyres. The second trailer has a standard length of 13,6 metre. The tyres used are the smaller 265/70 models on 19.5 inch wheels on the first two axles. On the last three axles there are 445/45 R 19.5 tyres. The third and last axle can be raised, just like the first axle on the first trailer. Total length of this combination is 33 meters. There is abouw 200 cubic metre of loading space and the net weight is 29.500 kilo.