Electric Volvo VNR on it's way in US


In the US, Volvo has announced an electric version of it's recently introduced VNR truck. Tests with the electric version will start next year in California, with the help of two clients. By 2020, the truck would come to the market, according to Volvo.

Specific technical details were not yest released, however it is a surre thing, that Volvo intends to tackel the strict Calofrnian emissons rules with a specific truck with a technoloy that wille be needed elsewhere in the near future as well. Firts impressions are, that this is the heaviest electrified Volvo truck so far. It will be put to use in local and regional distribution. In total, some 23 testmodels will come to the roads during next year.

It is obvious how the industry is gearing up to combat the new start-ups in electric trucks, such as Tesla, Nikola, Thor and Cummins. Also, Freightliner is introducing electric trucks in it's home market.