Charge your e-truck while driving it


A Swedish consortium operating under the name eRoadArlanda establishes a two kilometer long testtrack near Stockholms airport to try out electric trucks which are charged while going along the testtrack.

eRoadArlanda’s technical solution transfers energy from a rail in the road to the vehicle, using a movable arm. The arm detects the location of the rail in the road and as long as the vehicle is above the rail, the contact will be in a lowered position. When overtaking, the contact is automatically raised.
The rail, which is connected to the power grid, also functions automatically. It is divided into sections and each individual section is powered only when a vehicle is above it. When a vehicle stops, the current is disconnected. The rail enables the vehicle’s batteries to be recharged while powering its passage.The system also calculates the vehicle’s energy consumption, which enables electricity costs to be debited per vehicle and user.

The truck is an 18 tonne rigid owned by PostNord and adapted to make use of the rail. In a later phase, eRoadArlanda expects to test more vehicles on their track. The consrotium expects to lower CO2 emissions by 90% whole making use of this new form of road transport.