British issue fines on weekend camping drivers


Britain is to impose  fines of 300 pounds on truckdrivers who spend their weekends resting in their cabs. This has caused problems in the south eastern part of the country.

Complaints have arisen because of many trucks parks up alongside the motorway as parking lots appear to be crowded. The British suspect foreign truckdrivers to intentionally spend their weekends in their cabs on British soil and not in France or in Belgium.

In the countries mentioned, staying in your cab during your 45 hour weekend restperiod is strictly foprbidden en huge fines are imposed.

Following complaints, the British government has, in cooperation with RHA and FTA come to a new fine to prevent trucks and their drivers from staying unnecessarily in Britain.


In our picture you see the parking lot of the Ashford Truckstop, which is a guarded and paid parking.