Bonneted 'Nextgen' Scania for Danmark


The bonneted 'Nextgen' Scania of Vlastuin in The Netherlands has generated a lot of publicity for this new truck. This lead to many questions and some orders. The first truck that is delivered is this white S580T truck for a Danish customer.

The truck was ordered in the correct wheelbase so the only conversions have to do with the cab of the truck. The flat- floor S- cab was mounted backwards and there are new designed custom made parts like the side fenders, the longer doors and off course the bonnet. The truck is ordered by a Danish truck- trading company.

The first ever built blue 'Nextgen' bonneted Scania was based on a Scania S730. This one is a S580 truck. The T- in the name is the traditional Scania symbol for the bonneted 'Torpedo' models. More news about the bonneted Scania project of Vlastuin truck conversions in a few weeks.