Airbus transported over the road


An Airbus A320 body was transported in Germany by the Stuttgart-based heavy-haulage firm Paule. The aircraft was loaded in Talinn, Estonia where it made a heavy landing. The plane was transported to the south of Germany. The 60 metres long transport with 5 metres width took 11 days. 

A truck ferry took the freight across the Baltic Sea to Lübeck's docks. From there the Actros SLT heavy-haulage team took three nights to cross Hamburg, Magdeburg, Nuremberg and Stuttgart before heading for the northern part of the Black Forest. Twice along the route, the Airbus heavy-haulage convoy had to leave the motorway to avoid low bridges. Plus, after the Actros SLT left the motorway and was driving along a side road at one point, the driver even had to drive the long combination backwards so as to be able to re-enter the motorway in the opposite direction. What's more, a second Actros SLT was also brought in in readiness for the freight arriving at its final destination. On a tight and steep forest road, the SLT duo brought the Airbus to its new home on the training grounds of the KSK Special Forces Command in Calw. There, the Airbus will soon be put to use as part of realistic training scenarios for the protection of airline passengers.