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Our team

  • Iep van der Meer

    Iep van der Meer (1963) is a truck and transport journalist but deep in his heart he will always still be a truck driver. As a testdriver Iep is part of the group of international journalists that test trucks in the famous 1000 point test. This is the most respected comparison truck test in the industry.

    M.: +31 (0)6 511 876 51
  • Dirk Jan Verhoef

    M.: +31 (0)6 301 281 50
  • Alex Miedema

    Alex Miedema is a Dutch free-lance truck journalist and he specialises is odd vehicles, unknown brands and old trucks. Alex is thé specialist on social media.



  • Niels van Duijvenboden

    Niels van Duijvenboden (1983) loves his trucks. He writes about them, takes great photo's and he drives trucks! In his daily live Niels is a truck driver but in his free hours he loves to work for BIGtruck!